Walking and Falling Mobile Gallery
2010 - unbuilt

The brief called for a small, portable gallery that could be assembled in different locations and accommodate a range of styles of artwork. We created a simple modular form based on the combining of a spiral and a series of conic sections. The name of the gallery refers to Laurie Anderson's 1982 song of the same name, and to a model of motion as a cyclical process of instability and recovery.

The gallery is oriented with the apertures facing North, allowing diffuse natural lighting and blocking direct light. The daylight is augmented when necessary by fluorescent strips set into the inside edge of each panel behind a diffusing lens.

Because of the lack of stable horizontal and vertical references, the gallery design does not lend itself to a portrait-gallery approach to displaying art. I imagined three possible scenarios:

Mural: host a single artist working primarily with the existing walls as a support surface. Interior walls would be digitally unfolded and supplied to the artist ahead of time either as a template or a pre-cut vinyl support, facilitating quick installation.

Hanging: artist or artists working in three dimensions, with all work suspended from the walls and ceiling. The artist is invited to treat the gallery as an immersive, site-specific installation.

Sculpture/Vitrine: A removeable system of millwork would be available for installation in one end of the gallery for display of small sculptural objects.