Gilly Folie
2009 - unbuilt

This project began as an entry to the Jardins de Metis competition, created in collaboration with sculptor Alexandra Zealand. Though Jardins de Metis is primarily a landscape competition, we proposed an architectural folie that would frame the rest of the Festival, a gateway to the experience of Paradise.

In Gilly Folie we approached the idea of Paradise as a narrative. Paradise is not simply created in the here-and-now, it must be reached through a transition in space or time. From the Mines of Moria in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, to the rabbit hole of Alice in Wonderland this transitional space is a mirage, a space whose inside is impossible to estimate from its outside.

The installation was to be a passageway approximately 20m long, constructed from a spiral of identical yellow-painted wooden members, 3.8cm x 3.8cm and 5.5m long, joined with stainless-steel bolts.